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  1. Game Development

Game Development Learning Guides

Learn to design and develop your very own games with this collection of learning guides, covering everything from the basics of SpriteKit to the four key elements of game design.

Each guide contains a hand-picked selection of free game development tutorials and is designed to teach you a new skill or technique. Some are aimed at a practical outcome, like creating a good countdown, while others explore game design theory and mechanics, such as basic 2D platform physics.

With the help of these learning guides, you'll be producing your own games in no time. What will you learn today?

  1. Make a Match-3 Game in Construct 2

    8 Posts
    A Match-3 game is a block-based puzzle where you move blocks around in the game area to create groups of three or more that share a common attribute (such as a color or a shape). In most match-3 games the player is also given bonuses for matching more than three blocks at once. Is this series, you'll learn how to build such a game in Construct 2—no prior gamedev experience required!
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  2. Portal 2 Level Design

    2 Posts
    Portal was one of the most distinctive puzzle games of the past few years, and its sequel Portal 2 showed us that lightning can strike twice. Valve made waves once again by introducing a simple yet powerful level editing tool in Portal 2 itself. In this article, David Silverman discusses how to design great Portal puzzles that will challenge your players.
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  3. Difficulty

    4 Posts
    Everyone ends up talking about difficulty when discussing a video game. This often takes the form of a comment saying it's "too easy" or "too hard", but it's a topic that deserves to be looked at in much more depth, as the way it is handled can completely reshape a player's experience with a game. In this series, we look at different types of difficulty in video games, what works, what doesn't, and what we can learn from it.
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  4. StarCraft II Level Design

    2 Posts
    When it comes to RTS games, there is no series better known, or more successful, than StarCraft. Putting together a level for StarCraft II is easy once you understand the tools, but making it balanced and getting it to feel like an official level is another thing entirely. This series discusses the most important aspects to consider when designing your levels, and how to build them to satisfy even the toughest players.
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  5. Build a Space-Based Shoot-'Em-Up in Construct 2

    5 Posts
    In this detailed five-part tutorial series, Kyatric showd you how to make a frantic side-scrolling shoot-'em-up, complete with multiple levels, parallax scrolling, lots of enemies, power-ups, and even a boss battle. You'll make the whole thing with the free Construct 2 gamedev tool, meaning you don't need any previous programming or game development knowledge.
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