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Wanted: Experienced Game Programmers to Port a Game

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If you have coding experience with a modern game development platform, read on...

Michael Hoffman recently completed his five-part tutorial series on building a game inspired by Geometry Wars:

It's awesome, and is written in XNA. We don't want anyone to miss out in the fun. Though the tutorial is informative no matter what language you use, the example code is less useful to readers who use HTML5, or Flash, or Unity, or would be more interested in a version of this for mobile or tablet devices, and so on.

For this reason, we'd like to recruit you to port it to the language or tool that you love most. Any modern platform is acceptable, as long as you're confident you could create an identical game in your language of choice.

What We're Looking For

We're looking for game developers to help us port both the code and the tutorial to different platforms:

  • You don't need previous writing experience, since you can use the XNA tutorial's structure.
  • You do need to have experience with the sort of crazy graphical effects shown in the video.
  • We'll pay $750 for you to port the source code and rewrite the whole tutorial to fit your platform.
  • You will of course get full credit for the port that you wrote.

If you're interested, get in touch by emailing Let us know which platform you're planning to port it to, and send us some examples of your work on similar games. If you're written tutorials in the past, it wouldn't hurt to send us some samples of those, too!

The full XNA version of the tutorial can be read here:

  1. Basic Gameplay
  2. More Gameplay and Enemies
  3. Bloom and Black Holes
  4. Particle Effects
  5. The Warping Grid
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