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Danger Droids: Moving Platforms and Death

This post is part of a series called Danger Droids: Create a Platformer in GameSalad.
Danger Droids: An Enemy, the HUD, and Pickups
Danger Droids: Laser Guns, Teleporters, and the Splash Screen

We've already put together a functional platformer game in this ongoing GameSalad tutorial series. Now that all the basics are in place, we'll raise the stakes by making it possible for the player to lose (and therefore have to restart at level one), and we'll introduce another level element: moving platforms.

Play the Game

You can play it on the GameSalad Arcade.

Use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to jump. Find the key and reach the exit in all three levels to complete the game!

Watch the Video

Next Time...

In the fifth, final part of this series, we'll finish off level three by adding laser guns and teleporters, and we'll bring everything full circle by creating a splash screen to be shown right at the start of the game.

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