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Danger Droids: An Enemy, the HUD, and Pickups

This post is part of a series called Danger Droids: Create a Platformer in GameSalad.
Danger Droids: Actors and the First Level Layout
Danger Droids: Moving Platforms and Death

So far, in our series about building a platformer in GameSalad, we've set up the main objects for our game and laid out the first level. In this part, we'll add an enemy to the level, set up the HUD UI (to show the score, the health, and whether they player's picked up the key), and introduce three types of pickup.

Play the Game

You can play it on the GameSalad Arcade.

Use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to jump. Find the key and reach the exit in all three levels to complete the game!

Watch the Video

Next Time...

In the fourth part, we'll complete level two (introducing moving platforms in the process), make the robot explode and the level reset if the player runs out of health, and start working on level three.

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