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Build a Two-Player "Small Tactics" Board Game in Construct 2: Part 2

This post is part of a series called Build a Two-Player "Small Tactics" Board Game in Construct 2.
Build a Two-Player "Small Tactics" Board Game in Construct 2: Part 1

Now that the project's set up and the basic game mechanics are in place, the next thing we should do is get the pieces moving and add the actual winning conditions. After that, we'll add a simple computer-controlled AI opponent, and polish the game off with a menu and a credits screen.

Play the Final Game Demo

Here's what we'll have by the end of this part:

Take it in turns to move your gem from space to space. If you land on the same spot as your opponent, it's a draw. If you land on a space that's crumbled to nothing, you lose!

Movement and Winning

The Menu, AI, Sound, and Credits


We've covered a lot in this series: board game mechanics, animation, graphical effects, turn-based interaction, the all-important polish, and even artificial intelligence. I hope you enjoyed the tutorials; if so, check out the rest of our "From Scratch" beginner tutorials. Thanks for watching!

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