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Angry Snowman: Build an "Angry Birds" Game - Destroying Scenery

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Read Time: 1 min
This post is part of a series called Angry Snowman: Build an “Angry Birds” Game From Scratch.
Angry Snowman: Build an "Angry Birds" Game From Scratch - Setup and Shooting

Here's the final part of my guide to building a winter-themed Angry Birds-style game with no programming required! In this video, I'll show you how to make the snowballs destroy the blocks upon colliding with them, and how to add the necessary polish (like camera panning) to make this feel like a proper game.

Play the Game

You can play this game on the GameSalad Arcade.

Use the arrow keys to aim the cannon, and the space bar to fire. (Hold it down to add more power to your shot.) Destroy all of the blocks to win!

Watch the Screencast

(Watch the first part before this one, if you haven't already!)

Watch in full screen at 720p (use the Cog icon) for best quality.

Download the source file zip for this tutorial - it contains the graphic files, image files, and final project files for the game.

What Next?

Congratulations on finishing your game! But don't stop there - now it's time to add some extra features of your own. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Insert some actual enemies, or different block types.
  • Add new levels, or change the theme of the game.
  • Include extra UI elements, and high scores.
  • Make it snow, using a particle effect, to add some variety to the scene.

I'd love to see what you make, so please share a link to your game in the GameSalad Arcade in the comments below. Thanks for watching the video!

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