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One Year of Gamedevtuts+!

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We're proud to be celebrating the one year anniversary of Gamedevtuts+ today! Over the course of the last twelve months, we've published over two hundred gamedev tutorials, we've welcomed many new members to our team (including a new editor), and we've learned a lot about making games together. In this post, we'll take a look back at our first year...

Balloon image by Robb Whiteman, from The Noun Project.

Happy Birthday Gamedevtuts+!


The site continues to change almost every week as we make dozens of little upgrades over time. I'd like to highlight just two here:

The Redesign and the Hub

Here's how Gamedevtuts+ looked on launch day:


We had a slight redesign at the end of last year - check out the difference:


And earlier this year we launched Tuts+ Hub, a brand new interface for all the sites on the Tuts+ network:


Big thanks to the Tuts+ design and development teams for all their hard work, continually revising how the site looks and works!

Welcome Christer Kaitila

Those redesigns are good examples of big front-end changes, but we've had an even bigger change behind the scenes: a couple of months ago, we brought Christer Kaitila on as a new editor!


Aside from being a long-time Tuts+ writer, Christer (also known as Breakdance McFunkypants) is the man behind #1GAM, the author of The Game Jam Survival Guide and Adobe Flash Stage3D Game Programming, a contributor to, and the creator of around 30 games. A perfect fit for us here, then.

Your Favourites

Anyone that runs a blog won't be surprised to see that the posts that get the most traffic overall are roundups:

Hey, that's just how the web works. But I'm really happy to see that our most popular category, by far, is Implementation, as we consider this to be the core of the site in many ways.

Putting roundups aside, let's look at the most popular posts across various different sources.


Every month, more and more people come to the site via search engines (well, via Google - sorry, Bing). Here's a few that cover topics gamedevs seem to be looking for:

Social Media

I think it's interesting that each social network had a different favourite post - they really do all support different audiences!

Other Stats

Just for fun (well, I think it's fun), here are some other posts that stand out for their stats:

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