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Enjoy These Totally Free Bomberman-Inspired Sprites!

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Jacob Zinman-Jeanes has assembled another excellent set of free game sprites: this time they're for a Bomberman-inspired game called Bombing Chap. You could use them for prototyping your games, or as a base for a full set of graphics!

What's Included

The downloadable package contains:

Bombing Chap himself (with walking animations - front, back, and side):


An enemy creep (also with walking animations in the same directions):


An animated bomb (and flame trail for when it goes off):


Terrain blocks (and power-up icons):


A title screen (composed of several parts):


These assets come in PSD format and a flat image format (PNG or JPG), so you should be able to use them in any game engine.

Download the Files

Grab the ZIP file - it contains all the graphics shown above.

Feel free to use these in any games you like, whether personal or commercial. We’d appreciate a link back to this page from your projects. We’d also love to see what you make with them, of course, so please post your creations in the comments below!

What's Next?

Kyatric has put together a multi-part screencast tutorial series explaining how to make a Bomberman-inspired game using these sprites.

Let us know what other kinds of sprites you'd like to see!

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