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Welcome to the New Home of Game Development on Tuts+


Regular readers will notice that some things look a little different around here. That’s because Gamedevtuts+ is now a part of the new Tuts+ site. We're really excited to be able to introduce this change—it’s a long time coming, and a huge step forward for us.

For the last six years, Tuts+ has been made up of many different individual sites, covering a range of topics. This has served us well, but it makes it difficult to expand into new areas. Now, instead of us launching a whole new site when we want to teach a new topic, it’s all in one place. You can browse all the topics from the Tuts+ Hub, then narrow your view down to just the Game Development topic to see all the content that was previously on Gamedevtuts+. You can also easily jump to other areas that might interest you. If you want to learn about web development, switch to Development via the Topics menu.

If you're new to Tuts+, or just want a quick reminder of what's on the Game Development section, check out our Start Here guide.

Our Editorial Manager, David, has gone into more detail on the benefits of the new structure in the initial announcement post, which I recommend reading if you’re interested in more of the backstory. He also talks about the redesign of the site, and some of the new features that accompany this change.

We want to tailor this site to you, so your feedback is incredibly valuable. If you notice anything that looks wrong, or something that doesn’t behave the way you want it to, we’d be grateful if you took the time to fill out this feedback form.

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