Create a Bomberman-Inspired Game in Construct 2: Enemy Creeps and AI


In this multi-part screencast tutorial series, I'll show you how to make a game inspired by the Hudson Soft classic, Bomberman. In this part, we'll add enemy "creeps" that use pathfinding and simple AI to attempt to thwart Bombing Chap!

Play the Final Game Demo

Here's what we'll be working towards throughout the whole of this series:

Watch the Screencast

Watch in full screen at 720p (use the Cog icon) for best quality, or download the MP4.


We've essentially completed our single-player game now! In the final part of this series, we'll add a second controllable player, implement a menu and title screen, and put in a few finishing touches. Watch it on Gamedevtuts+ or on Tuts+ Hub.