Making Your First Game

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Every game developer has to start somewhere. Unfortunately, most devs' first games end up sitting in some corner of a hard drive, half-finished, forever.

In this Session, we'll share our tips, techniques, and experiences to help you succeed at that big first step!

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    Making Your First Game: A Walkthrough for Game DevelopersTi 83 by brothers le
    When you get stuck in a video game, you might head to GameFAQs to find a walkthrough to help you get through it. When you get stuck making your first video game, what can you do? That's where this article comes in: think of this as a walkthrough for developing your first game.Read More…
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    Making Your First Game: Desi Quintans' Lessons LearnedMaking your first game additive
    Once you decide to make games, you're jumping into an ocean of new problems - problems that you didn't even know existed! But you're also jumping into a rewarding and challenging medium, one that allows you to explore your ideas in novel and interesting ways. What's more, the problems that a new developer encounters are the same ones that everyone else has encountered, so a lot of time and heartache can be saved by taking the advice of others. In this article, I'll talk about how I navigated those problems, starting from my first idea and progressing to my first successful game.Read More…
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    Making Your First Game: Ernesto Quezada's StoryLacucaracha
    I'm a programmer. At work I program games and - this may sound sad, but - when I come home from work, I do more programming. I love it. But this was not always the case. In fact, I never studied to be a programmer. This is the story of my first game, La Cucaracha ("The Cockroach"), and how I went from creating graphics to developing games. It all started many years ago, while studying a degree in Graphic Design back in El Salvador...Read More…
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    Making Your First Game: Matt Porter's Early ExperiencesPorter first games
    There are two games I consider to be my first: one I made before I could code (which was harder than it needed to be, but by no means impossible), and one I made in collaboration with an artist after I learned the basics of programming. In this article, I'll share my experiences with you, to prove that no matter what skill level you're currently at, all you need to make games is passion - no excuses!Read More…
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    Making Your First Game: Fernando Bevilacqua's Teamwork TaleMaking first game teamwork hires
    The path of a game developer is full of surprises and challenges. You can walk it by yourself, but I was fortunate enough to start my journey with a team, within my own company. This is the story of our first game, and how a group of seven CS students made it into the gamedev world starting from nothing.Read More…
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    3 Questions to Help You Finish Your First GamePre?height=300&width=300
    Many gamedevs find that their first game is the hardest one to finish. I've worked as a consultant on almost a dozen "first" games with budding independent development companies, and gathered all of the lessons learned from those experiences here. After going over each question, I'll also give you a quick anecdote about how I (or someone I worked with) learned that lesson the hard way.Read More…