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    Hockeynamite - Development Post MortemHockey post mortem preview
    Hockeynamite is a game that was born out of a technical demo created for a series of tutorials. It evolved from a very simple concept to a more rich and engaging experience, featuring power-ups and exploding athletes. This post-mortem is an overview of the process I came up with to insert a "soul" into a technical demo to turn it into a game.Read More…
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    Bad Game + Bad Game = Good Learning ExperiencePic%202
    Every other month I choose one "bad" video game and remake it into something playable and hopefully even entertaining. In May, I made Virtually Super Hydlide Special—a combination of Hydlide, a game that half the world hates, with Virtual Hydlide, a game the whole world hates. Here's what I learned.Read More…
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    Kickstarter Post-Mortem for Hiro Fodder: A Blue HopeHiro fodder kickstarter post mortem 400px
    I've been meaning to write a post-mortem on the Hiro Fodder: A Blue Hope Kickstarter campaign for some time, but I always felt like I wasn't ready. The last year has been a whirlwind of highs and lows, development breakthroughs and failures. It's been marked by periods of renewed hope and financial distress. Throughout it all, my team of extremely talented, grossly underpaid gaming enthusiasts have stayed by my side. It wasn't always pretty, but we persevered.Read More…
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    Post Mortem: Porting Quell Memento to the PlayStation VitaPorting quell memento to ps vita post mortem hires
    Daniel Schuller and I formed Bigyama in 2012, after having worked on numerous titles such as Magic the Gathering: Duel of the Planeswalkers and Star Wars: Battlefront. The company started with an ill-timed jump into PlayStation Home and a move to Scotland, before a return to Nottingham and a refocusing on our core talents: programming and making great games! Our first step was to supply the technical chops to help Fallen Tree Games bring Quell Memento to the PlayStation Vita.Read More…
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    Grey - Post MortemGrey half life 2 horror mod post mortem
    Grey is a total conversion Half Life 2 horror mod three years in the making. The team has made a lot of changes to the base Source engine, adding countless new mechanics alongside new monsters, maps, weapons, and more.Read More…
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    Super Adventure Pals - Development Post MortemSuper adventure pals post mortem
    Super Adventure Pals is an action-adventure platformer game with RPG elements. In the three months since the game's original release it has been played over 4 million times, had front page features on popular portals, won daily and monthly awards on both Newgrounds and Kongregate, received Kong badges and been licensed to eight different sponsors.Read More…
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    Olly Low Poly And The Zombie Tower - Post MortemOlly low poly preview
    I spent nine months working on Olly Low Poly And The Zombie Tower, an iPad game written in Unity, writing all the code and making all the artwork myself. It was hard work, and sadly it didn't really pay off. But it was worth it! In this article, I'll share what I learned from making this game.Read More…
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    Pixel Purge - Post MortemPixel purge post mortem
    I grew up playing classic arcade shooters, such as Raiden Project in arcades, and 1943 on my NES, and some of my more recent favorites include Ikaruga, and Geometry Wars; it would be putting it lightly to say that this genre is a favorite of mine. And like all self-respecting game developers, I took my love for a genre, and created an addition to it: Pixel Purge, by myself and Andrew Sandifer. Even though the game was well made and well received, I learned a lot from it - both during development and post-release.Read More…
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    Tower of Greed - Post MortemPreview
    I've always made games because it's a passion of mine, and the game that best represents this is Tower of Greed. No other game I've created has brought me so much joy, either during the development process or after release. Today, I get the amazing opportunity to break down my own creation, and share with you everything from the game's core design, to its biggest flaws, and how I plan to address them in a sequel.Read More…