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Platform Agnostic

  • artificial intelligence
    Create a Hockey Game AI Using Steering Behaviors: DefenseHockey defense preview
    In this tutorial, we finish coding our hockey game artificial intelligence using steering behaviors and finite state machines. This time, we implement the AI required by game entities to defend their team's goal from their opponents' attack.Read More…
  • Art
    Parallax Scrolling: A Simple, Effective Way to Add Depth to a 2D GameTeaserblock
    With this tutorial, you'll walk away with a solid understanding of parallax scrolling, a classic 2D game technique that has stood the test of time. Whether you're new to game development or a grizzled veteran, this approach to the basic principles of parallax scrolling will let you bring more life and depth to your games.Read More…
  • Physics
    How To Fix Common Physics Problems in Your GamePreview
    Using a physics engine can add immersion, eye candy, and, best of all, emergent gameplay, but can also, if used incorrectly, lead to unrealistic results or game-breaking problems. In this post, I'll explain how to identify and fix common problems seen in games of today. These problems range from barrels that are as tall as a two story house to characters clipping through geometry while jumping all over the place.Read More…
  • Polish
    How to Polish Your Games' EnvironmentsPreview
    Your players will get bored far faster than you would expect if your play spaces don't retain their attention. In this tutorial, I'll show you how you can easily crank the polish of your world up a couple of notches—this will go a long way towards capturing the imagination of players!Read More…
  • artificial intelligence
    Create a Hockey Game AI Using Steering Behaviors: AttackHockey attack preview
    In this tutorial, we continue coding artificial intelligence for a hockey game using steering behaviors and finite state machines. In this part of the series, you will learn about the AI required by game entities to coordinate an attack, which involves intercepting and carrying the puck to the opponent's goal.Read More…
  • Project Management
    Should You Polish Your Game, or Add More Depth and Features?Article%20icon
    It's getting closer and closer to release day, and you're running out of time to finish your game, but you're torn between adding those extra few features and polishing up what you already have. What should you do?Read More…
  • Game Engine Development
    What is Data-Oriented Game Engine Design?Data oriented game engines
    You may have heard of data-oriented design, a relatively new concept that proposes a different mindset to the more traditional object-oriented design. In this article, I'll explain what DOD is all about, and why some game engine developers feel it could be the ticket for spectacular performance gains.Read More…
  • artificial intelligence
    Create a Hockey Game AI Using Steering Behaviors: FoundationHockey foundation preview
    If you're going to make an action, sports, or strategy game with many units controlled by the computer, you will need some serious artificial intelligence. In this tutorial, we begin coding AI for a hockey game using steering behaviors and finite state machines. You'll learn the advanced artificial intelligence required by game entities to avoid bumping into teammates and to chase after a target entity.Read More…
  • Game Mechanics
    How to Code HUD Cooldown BarsCdbars
    In many games, the player needs a visual display of the time remaining before being able to perform a certain action, such as casting a spell. Cooldown bars on the HUD or UI are a great way to present this information. In this article, complete with sample code and demos, you'll learn how to implement cooldown bars in your game—no matter what engine you use.Read More…
  • Game Mechanics
    How to Code Monster Loot DropsHow to code monster loot drops
    In RPGs, platformers, and many other types of game, one common mechanic is for enemies to drop items the moment they are killed. In this tutorial, you'll learn a few ways to implement those drops, whatever your coding language or tool is.Read More…
  • Games
    Game Input SimplifiedPreview
    Cross-platform games all have one thing in common: they all need to deal with a multitude of game input devices (controllers), and dealing with those input devices can become a daunting task. This tutorial demonstrates one way to handle multiple input devices through the use of a simple, unified API.Read More…
  • Roguelike
    How to Make Your First Roguelike400px
    Roguelikes have been in the spotlight recently, with games like Dungeons of Dredmor, Spelunky, The Binding of Isaac, and FTL reaching wide audiences and receiving critical acclaim. Long enjoyed by hardcore players in a tiny niche, roguelike elements in various combinations now help bring more depth and replayability to many existing genres.Read More…