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    Gamma Correction and Why It MattersPreview img notext
    Many game developers (mainly those that work with 3D graphics) often overlook this small aspect of how graphics hardware works, thereby introducing subtle visual artifacts that, while not instantly noticeable, still impair the look and feel of their game ever so slightly. Find out how to avoid this mistake!Read More…
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    Unity: Now You're Thinking With ComponentsCogs featured 400x400
    While Unity is an amazing gamedev platform, getting used to it will require a bit of initial work, as you'll likely need to shift your cognitive cogs to grasp its component-based architecture.Read More…
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    Gamedev Glossary: Sequence Generators and Pseudorandom Number GeneratorsThumbnail
    Procedural generation helps boost replayability by using internal rules to create parts of the game on the fly: from designing the plan of a dungeon to building a solar system. These rules are often based on a series of numbers which are then interpreted by the program to create the required content. There are many ways to generate these numbers; in this article we'll look at Sequence Generators and Pseudorandom Number Generators, and their differences.Read More…
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    Gamedev Glossary: What Is "Client-Side Prediction"?Client side prediction
    Client-side prediction is a technique used in multiplayer games to reduce (the appearance of) lag: each player's machine runs its own simulation of what should happen next, and then quickly syncs with the server's "official" version of events. In this article, we'll look at why we'd want to do this in the first place.Read More…
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    Gamedev Glossary: What Is a “Normal Map”?Hipolytolowpoly02
    In this article, I'll explain what a normal map is and why normal mapping is an important and useful technique for any 3D game developer. I'll also share some examples and a few great tools for generating them.Read More…
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    Gamedev Glossary: What Does "Freemium" Mean?What does freemium mean definition
    In this post, I'll define the concept of freemium - an increasingly popular business model for online games. You'll learn how an freemium game loop works, and perhaps you'll be inspired to implement it in a future game...Read More…
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    Gamedev Glossary: What Is "Blitting"?Screen blitting 200 200
    To "blit" is to copy bits from one part of a computer's graphical memory to another part. This technique deals directly with the pixels of an image, and draws them directly to the screen, which makes it a very fast rendering technique that's often perfect for fast-paced 2D action games.Read More…
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    Gamedev Glossary: What Is “Bump Mapping”?Bump
    In this article I will explain the concept of bump mapping, with both a practical and technical explanation. I'll also compare this technique with displacement maps and normal maps.Read More…
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    Gamedev Glossary: What Is the “Game Loop”?Definition of the game loop
    In this post, I'll explain the heart of every game: the game loop! All the code that makes the game interactive and dynamic goes in the game loop, but is separated into different pieces. The game loop itself is a controlled infinite loop that makes your game keep running; it's the place where all your little pieces will be updated and drawn on the screen.Read More…