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    Minimalism in Game Design: Examples, Tips, and IdeasArticlebox
    Minimalism is much more than an art style. In this article, we examine several examples of minimalist design in popular games, and discuss ways to implement simple design solutions in our own.Read More…
  • Level Design
    How to Design Levels With the "Super Mario World Method"Preview%20sized
    Fill your levels using a systematic method that was originally developed by Nintendo. Learn how Super Mario World introduced a system of specific techniques that can be used to create coherent, challenging levels, like the evolution and expansion challenges, as well as the many variations of the cadence format.Read More…
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    Level Design: Views and VistasOpeningview rcps4gaspar
    As level designers, we often want to direct players to their goals, build and release tension, or show off the artwork and tech in the game. My favourite method for directing players' attention is by deliberately designing the level to take advantage of what I call Views and Vistas. Read More…
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    Stuck for Your Next Game's Theme? Try These 6 IdeasAnno 1404 400 277
    Unreal Tournament, Blood Bowl, and Rocket League belong to three different genres (FPS, round-based tactics, and driving), but all share the same theme: Weird Sport. Here, we look at six broad themes that can be applied across different gameplay genres.Read More…
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    9 More Inexplicably Underused Game Genres for Your Next ProjectXcom 400 277
    We've already looked at two sets of underused genres, from both classic and modern eras. It turns out there are even more!Read More…
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    4 Ways to Teach Your Players How to Play Your Game4 ways to teach players how to play your game
    If we want to play a game, we first need to learn the rules. But reading tutorials is boring... so how can we make sure we don't scare off the player? In this tutorial, we'll look at how to help your players learn how to play your game—without boring them away!Read More…
  • Game Mechanics
    How to Incorporate Satisfying Death Mechanics Into Your GamePrince of persia 2008 thumb
    The possibility of death in game design is often a necessary evil to give the game some stakes, but the player's death is usually not fun in itself—unless you turn it into a fun mechanic!Read More…
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    Numbers Getting Bigger: The Design and Math of Incremental GamesNumbersgettingbigger
    Incremental games, despite their simple mechanics and limited player interaction, present interesting challenges to a game designer. We'll examine some core design choices of the genre and explore how they make these strangely addictive games so appealing.Read More…
  • Post Mortem
    Hockeynamite - Development Post MortemHockey post mortem preview
    Hockeynamite is a game that was born out of a technical demo created for a series of tutorials. It evolved from a very simple concept to a more rich and engaging experience, featuring power-ups and exploding athletes. This post-mortem is an overview of the process I came up with to insert a "soul" into a technical demo to turn it into a game.Read More…
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    Numbers Getting Bigger: What Are Incremental Games, and Why Are They Fun?Numbersgettingbetterpreview part1
    Incremental games are fascinating and perplexing. Marked by minimal player agency and periods of inactivity, they seem to defy conventional logic about good game design, and yet nonetheless have attracted a substantial player base. Let's examine them in more detail, and see if we can explore why that is.Read More…
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    A Mini-Post on Post-Match Mini-AchievementsPost match mini achievements
    Post-match mini-achievements are regular achievements' little siblings, awarded after each match in a multiplayer game. In this quick post, we'll explore the possibilities of this gameplay feature, and see what it could add to your game.Read More…
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    The Key Design Elements of RoguelikesDungeonsofdredmor 2011
    Once a relatively obscure sub-genre that appealed to a hardcore fan base, roguelikes have been enjoying a recent renaissance. Let’s take a closer look at their central design elements, and see how different games are making use of the same underlying architecture.Read More…