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    Build a Grid-Based Puzzle Game Like Minesweeper in Unity: WinningMs 03 277 400
    In the final part of this series, we put the finishing touches on our grid-based Unity puzzle game, and make it playable. By the end of this part, the player will be able to win or lose the game.Read More…
  • Physics
    Projectile Physics Engines: Building a Game WorldProjectilepreview%5b1%5d
    In this tutorial, we'll examine the use of physics to simulate projectile effects in games like Angry Birds. Using this knowledge, we'll build a working game that you can use as a base for your own projects.Read More…
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    Build a Grid-Based Puzzle Game Like Minesweeper in Unity: InteractionMs 400 277
    We continue building our grid-based puzzle-game by connecting the tiles to each other, making them light up with the mouse cursor, and adding the ability to place flags.Read More…
  • Phaser
    Getting Started With Phaser: Building "Monster Wants Candy"Phaser tutorial monster wants candy
    In this extra-long tutorial, I'll break down the source for Monster Wants Candy, a multi-platform game my colleague and I built with Phaser, the HTML5 game engine. In this way, you'll gain a practical introduction to the engine, and will learn concepts you can use to build your own HTML5 mobile and browser games.Read More…
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    Build a Grid-Based Puzzle Game Like Minesweeper in Unity: SetupMs 400 277
    Puzzle games often take place on a grid containing tiles that have behaviors and properties, and react to rules and inputs. In this series I'll show you how to build a simple, basic version of the classic game Minesweeper, which is the perfect example to start from for creating your own puzzle games.Read More…
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    Buzzy Bee: Create a Flappy Bird-Style Game in GameSalad, Step by StepBuzzy bee flappy bird game tutorial gamesalad 400px
    In this 45-minute screencast tutorial, I'll show you how to make an avoider game like Flappy Bird, step by step, using the free GameSalad Creator tool. You don't need to have any previous programming experience or game development knowledge, I'll provide all the artwork, and you can follow along whether you're on Windows or OS X.Read More…
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    Make a Megaman-Inspired Game in Construct 2Megaman 400px
    I am going to walk you through the creation of a Megaman-inspired shooter/platformer game. We will be more focused on the shooting aspects of the gameplay rather than the platforming. In this tutorial I will be using Construct 2 as the tool to make the game, but I will explain the logic using pseudocode so that you can follow this tutorial in any language or engine of your choice.Read More…
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    Make a Match-3 Game in Construct 2: The BasicsMatch 3 400px
    Welcome to a new series of tutorials in which I will show you how to build a Match-3 puzzle game, from scratch, in Construct 2. In this first part we are going to lay the groundwork for the game and get the basic puzzle grid on screen.Read More…