Enjoy These Totally Free Space-Based Shoot-'Em-Up Sprites!


Jacob Zinman-Jeanes has put together a set of space-based shmup sprites - and we're giving them away for free! There's a spaceship, an enemy UFO (in a variety of colours), a horizontally tiling space background, and a starscape for adding a parallax effect. I recommend using them for prototyping your games, but you can do whatever you like with them.

What's Included

The downloadable package contains:

An animated space ship:

Free shoot-'em-up sprites

An animated flying saucer:

Free shoot-'em-up sprites

A horizontally-tiling space background (shown here at about 1/3 actual size):

Free shoot-'em-up sprites

A starscape (perfect for adding a parallax effect):

Free shoot-'em-up sprites

Each of these assets comes in a flat image format (GIF or PNG, and in both sequence and sprite sheet form for the ship and flying saucer) and in PSD format.

This also means it's really easy to change the colour of the flying saucer:

Free space shoot-'em-up sprites

Put everything together, and you get something like this:

Free shoot-'em-up sprites

Update: We've also added sprites of a giant floating head, which you could use for a boss battle!

Free shoot-'em-up sprites

Download the Files

Grab the ZIP file - it contains all the graphics shown above.

Feel free to use these in any games you like, whether personal or commercial. We'd appreciate a link back to this page from your projects. We'd also love to see what you make with them, of course, so please post your creations in the comments below!

What's Next?

We've published a massive five-part screencast tutorial series explaining how to make a shoot-'em-up game with Construct 2 using these sprites.

We're also planning to release more mini sprite packs like this one. Are you interested? What kind of sprites would you like to see? Let us know in the comments!

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