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  • Danger droids gamesalad platformer tutorial 400px

    In this five-part screencast tutorial series, Jamie Cross shows you how to build a sci-fi themed platformer game, step by step, using the free GameSalad Creator tool. You don't need to have any previous programming experience or game development knowledge, we provide all the artwork, and you can follow along whether you're on Windows or OS X!

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  • Monkeyblaster 5 preview big

    In this Series, we'll show you how to make a Geometry Wars-inspired twin-stick shooter, with neon graphics, crazy particle effects, and awesome music.

    Unlike most of our tutorials, these aren't platform-agnostic—we're providing tutorials specifically tailored for many different platforms. This one uses jMonkeyEngine. Let us know which platforms you'd like to see covered here!

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  • Small tactics construct 2 400px

    In this screencast tutorial series, Kyatric shows you how to make a multiplayer board game which can can play against another person or against a computer opponent. You'll make the whole thing with the free Construct 2 gamedev tool (and all the graphics and sounds you need are provided), so you don't need any previous programming or game development knowledge.

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  • Featured image steering path 400

    Steering behaviors aim to help autonomous characters move in a realistic manner, by using simple forces that are combined to produce life-like, improvisational navigation around the characters' environment. They are not based on complex strategies involving path planning or global calculations, but instead use local information, such as neighbors' forces. This makes them simple to understand and implement, but still able to produce very complex movement patterns.

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